She rises in the morning feeling more tired than the night before - filled with dread for what the day may hold.  Reluctantly, she drags herself out of bed.  Looking at the clock, she realizes she overslept and makes a mad dash for the shower.   

Three outfits later, she still has not found what she wants to wear.  Getting her favorite blue dress up over her hips was a challenge on its own, now the darn dress won’t zip.  “Aargh!  I knew I should have laid out my clothes from last night.”  Finally, she’s found something that fits.  “This will have to do.” she says.

“No time for breakfast, I’ll just grab something on the way”.  Dashing out the door, she almost trips over her fancy exercise equipment (which she hardly ever uses)

Hopping in her car, she braces for the long line of traffic that awaits her on the highway.  “Pheww!  Now if only the cars ahead of me would simply disappear, that’d be great”.

And that's just the start of her day.

Does her story, sound familiar to you?   

Hello, My name is Julene (you can call me Jaye, all my friends do).   I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, focused on helping women improve their health through super-practical but powerful stress management and self care techniques.

If you are a ready and committed to reclaiming your health and happiness, you are in the right place.   Get started by reading my easy-to-digest articles.  Here you will find super-practical but powerful resources to help you be more stress resilient and strike a healthy balance between the demands of your home and work life.